CCK08_Week 1: Little Boxes



String Art... di buddymaxx50

Thanks to Buddy

The article  by Barry Wellman made me think  about the kind of relationship we can have with others and how they can influence our knowledge. When we have  strong ties with a person or a   group  we feel at ease, we have similar emotion and  cultural background, but in the meantime we share the same information.That’s not too bad! 🙂 but it is  not everything.    So strong ties rather than develop information  encapsulate  groups socially and cognitively preventing   the spreading  and the generation of news. On the other hand  in on line course like ours weak ties foster new information.That’s what happens to me.  I force myself not  to read what my best friend, Laura, says  and prefer to read  other participants’ post first, because I know we share so much . Even if I appreciate all the members of Italian community  and  I know some of them  I read what Italian community says only at the end of the week. I wonder what kind of ties do we represent for our students? Strong ties, weak ties, no ties?


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